Ever dreamed of cruising through crystal clear waters of the San Blas Islands in the comfort of a Sailing Yacht? Well, we can offer you a tour of paradise on board the sailing vessel

Aiguablava means ´Blue Water´ (in Spanish Catalan) - which is exactly what you get. She is a 12meter (40ft) fully equipped Beneteau Oceanis Sailing Yacht. With a professional Captain and a cook/deckhand to guide you, feed you and tour you through the islands of San Blas, you could have your dream come true. All meals and drinks (within limits) are provided during your stay on board - with daily fresh fish (even lobster) available. The boat has two double cabins (one of which is even ensuite) and each cabin sleeps two people.There is an additional bathroom with a shower.


The San Blas Islands

Kuna Yala” (meaning The Land of the Kuna) comprises of 360 islands. Surrounded by white sand, coconut palm trees, corals reefs and crystal clear waters you can encounter some of the most unspoilt locations in the world. Only 80 of the islands are habitated by the local Kuna Indians, so you can even find yourself on completely desserted islands where you can sunbathe on in complete privacy. Alternatively you can visit the populated islands and see how the Kuna people live - be it as one family living off their famous ´Molas´artistry to mutiples of families condensed on almost man-made expanded islands that have schools and hospitals. The Kuna Indians have their own language but genereally also speak Spanish.

What makes it so special here is that the Kuna Indian are the owners of all the islands and the surrounding coast, and it is strictly forbidden for them to sell or rent any piece of land or island to any foreigner. They have their own Government and the majority of them still live in a very traditional way. The main income comes from the selling of coconuts and handcrafts. They are famous for their hand sewn ´Molas´which is unique to each family. More recently they are opening their islands to tourism but there are still no hotels, resorts or marinas as they don't want that kind of massive tourism. There are some rentable huts and camp sites, but very limited transport between islands. That's why one of the best way to visit these islands is on a sailboat that enables you to explore more than just one of the islands.

The boat has all the comforts that you may need: electricity 220v/110v., fridge, freezer, WIFI internet, etc.

The "MOLA" is the beautiful traditional handcraft sewn pieces of art that they sell for income.

All the islands are welcoming for you to walk along their sandy beaches.

The majority of the islands are completely uninhabited.

In the waters of San Blas there are many coral reefs and wrecks (old sunken boats)

We invite you to use the snorkelling gear provided on board to explore underwater too!

Alternatively explore above water on the new inflatable Stand Up Paddle board.

The Kuna Indians still live in their traditional way, come to meet them!

The majority of the Kuna woman still wear their traditional clothes. Many of them produce the handcrafts (mola, necklaces, etc.). The Kuna man are fishing in the tradional non intensive way and collect the coconuts.

Sunset from the boat are spectacular

And when the full moon appears...