Esteban & Liane (Barcelona)

"Crystal clear waters and big lobsters for lunch, a real Paradise!"


Diego & Flora (UK)

"Gorgeous Islands, wonderful people and a great boat! a dream come true!"

Lucas & Chanty (Sitges)

"Beautiful and safe place to visit with family. Clean white sands! We really enjoyed our time in San Blas"

Elena & Federic (Moscu)

"To explore the Sidra River arriving to its waterfalls, amzing adventure!"

Sidra River Waterfalls (San Blas)

Following Kuna indians guides, you will arrive to the Waterfalls!

(cost of the Kuna Guides not included)

Augusto (Salamanca)

"I enjoyed the beauty of the Nature and the forest sailing trhough the Diablo river in a really relax way"

(we can do this excursion with our own dinghy so there is not an extra cost)


Chantal De Witte (Belgium)

"I loved meeting the Kuna Indians and seeing how they live and their amazing artwork"

Luis & Esther (Asturias)

"The most beautiful and lovely islands we ever have seen"

Crabs & Lobsters (San Blas)

Caught by the local Kuna fishermen and served directly to your table

(it is an option on your daily menu)